Excellence in PLA

PLA – new polymer excellence!

Due to the breakthroughs in recent years, the characteristics of PLA were highly optimized. Where 10 years ago PLA was not an issue, because of the lack performance in heat resistance. Thus, the heat resistant of PLA is nowadays proofed in use and similar to other stable standard plastic materials.

The weforyou PLA is able to bring the bioplastics industry to a whole new level of quality due to its purity and its characteristics.

weforyou PLA brings a new excellence in the field of bioplastic.

More about weforyou PLA

Heat resistant PLA

New level of a high heat resistant PLA, for e.g. Thermoforming applications and others.

Highest Purity of PLA

Highest Purity PLA with 99.8% for the best processing and product solutions.

Easy Change from fossil plastics to PLA

PLA can be used predominantly on all existing machine lines, such as extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming.

Durable, high-quality and sustainable

It is possible to produce finished consumer goods with PLA, which can be used with dishwashers and even in a microwave.

Excellent processing quality

The optical and design components for consumer goods can also be implemented very well with PLA.