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Bioplastic packaging demand is globally increasing

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The European Parliament has estimated that the global bioplastic packaging market is expected to reach $25,368 million by 2022, a CAGR of 32.7%. Based on the increasing demand of bioplastics, the plenary voted for an organic recycling system and a separate collection of bio-waste across Europe.

“This will provide an important boost to the secondary resource market within the EU. Bio-based mechanically or organically recyclable plastics support circular thinking by lowering carbon emissions, helping to reach recycling quotas and keep valuable secondary raw materials and renewable carbon in the loop,” added de Bie, Chairman of the EUBP.

In 2016, the bioplastic PLA had the highest packaging market share of all types of bioplastics with 5,1% of the global packaging market. The weforyou Group has an annual capacity of 50,000MT pure PLA and compounds. As the second biggest PLA producer in the world, weforyou is an excellent partner for pure PLA, packaging solutions and end applications.

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