Our product range includes the following certificates.

As part of our quality assurance, it is our concern to have our products thoroughly certified by neutral inspection bodies.
We are the direct certificate holders. All our products have been holistically certified with all their components.

Ok compost certificate

Products with the OK compost certificate consist only of biodegradable materials, which is why they are fully compostable. The certification itself is based on standards by TÜV Austria, the leading European certification authority. TÜV Austria issues the certificate which covers all of the product’s material components.

DIN EN 13432 certificate – the verification of the biodegradability

Test standard for compostable bioplastics products under European standards. It ensures that not only the bioplastics including the product is 100% biodegradable but also all other components of the product. Every individual part of the product is tested for biodegradability.

„OK biobased“  certificate

The OK biobased certification in accordance with the Norm ASTM D6866 was issued by TÜV Austria once again. The certification exists since 2009 and applies specifically to the biobased carbon content of the material in a product. The certificate consists of four different certification categories. Depending on the percentage of the biobased carbon, one to four stars are awarded on the certificate. For instance, our reusable non-woven bags hold the highest certificate with 4 stars.

RoHS compliant

The RoHS compliant, short for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, is a European standard that regulates the use and placing on the market of hazardous substances in electrical appliances and electronic components. All of our PLA grades have the RoHS compliant certification and hence, can be used to increase the biobased content in engineering polymer blends that are used, for instance, for electronic and other domestic appliances.

Food contact certified

The international symbol for food safety is the symbol with a wine glass and a fork. The symbol is a European standard for food contact safety. Products that bear this label do not emit any harmful substances and are intended to have direct food contact. All of our PLA grades hold the glass & fork symbol making our PLA ideal for food packaging and direct food contact. The products holding this label also comply with the requirements and standards of the US-American Food & Drug Administration.

Food contact certified

The FDA certificate is issued by the US-American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA controls the security of any food, drugs, cosmetics as well as products are likely to come in contact with food, drugs or the skin. All of our PLA grades are food and skin contact safe and FDA certified. They are ideal for any food packaging and direct food or skin contact not only in the European but also in US-American markets.


We also want to highlight that all of our PLA grades are 100% non-GMO.