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Food & Packaging: Your partner for sustainable packaging solutions.

Your partner for sustainable packaging solutions.

weforyou offers a state-of-the-art processing technology and the world’s highest industrial purity in biopolymer PLA raw material. Our high-quality PLA is ideal for the packaging market and offers a food-safe and long-lasting freshness for all types of food including fruits, vegetables and meat.

All of our PLA grades hold the glass & fork symbol (European standard for food contact) and the FDA certificate (US-American standard for food and skin contact). Our PLA grades and packaging solutions are ideal for any food packaging. They are also ideal for products related to skin contact and that not only in the European Markets but also in US-American markets.

Besides pure PLA and compounds in form of pellets for packaging producers, we provide the entire packaging solutions for the food production and retail industry. From thermoforming sheets to fully formed trays; from blow films to bottle preforms, the weforyou Group provides all packaging solutions.  We also provide the compounds for manufacturers that have their own blow film extruder.