weforyou Group

The worldwide leading manufacturer of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and Compounds.

The weforyou Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and supplier of PLA and compounds. With a capacity of 10,000 MT/year for PLA and a 40,000 MT/year of compounding, we are the second biggest PLA producer in the world and can face the globally increasing demand for bioplastic. We serve processing industries and manufacture various sustainable bioplastic products by ourselves.

The weforyou Group headquarters are in Graz, Austria from where we operate internationally with local solutions. weforyou operates mainly in European, US-American, Middle East and Asian markets.

The following brands are operated in the weforyou Group.

What we do impacts the traditional plastic industry. We want to reduce risk and fraud to move for high-quality bioplastic solutions by transparency and expertise. As a global partner for PLA and Compounding, finished products and services, the weforyou group shed light on one of the most pressing global issues for good environmental friendly plastic solutions. With our innovating biodegradable and biobased material, we offer high-end solutions in the fast-growing bioplastic industry. We pursue the highest level of quality in our PLA and Compounds from which the whole processing industry benefits and ensure a long-term sustainability for every project and product.”

– Armin Amirpanah, CEO & Chairman


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Armin Amirpanah, BA

CEO & Chairman

Armin Amirpanah founded weforyou in 2014 with the vision to create a change in consumer behavior, away from fossil-based products, for the benefit of the environment.