The weforyou Portfolio

We are a supplier of biopolymers solutions from PLA, compounds and finished end products in this segment.

wfy – PLA

The weforyou product portfolio includes the traditional PLA grades as well as the latest developments on high heat resistant PLA. Due to the special material properties, our PLA can be used for a wide range of markets and industries. These include packaging solutions, consumer goods, medical equipment products, food packaging, fibers and non-wovens as well as various other areas.

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wfy – PLA Compounds

We compound in-house and can offer different functionalities for various applications and products. We also offer our compounding facilities and knowledge as a service to our customers.

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wfy – Applications

We can produce various finished products out of our innovative raw material. We also have internal brands for finished products such as the weforyou sustainable non-woven shopping bag or various sustainable blow-film bags.

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